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Scar Reduction And Removal

The presence of a scar can be a reminder of a past injury, a mark of individuality, an interesting story, even a badge of honor, but other times scars are unpleasant, even disfiguring, and they can make one feel self-conscious or embarrassed. No matter what type of scar is present or where it is located, there are many treatment options that can significantly reduce its appearance.

What Are Scars?

Scars are an abnormal healing response of the skin to injury. There are three main types of scars: atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids. While atrophic scars are skin depressions, hypertrophic and keloid scars are elevated or raised.

Treating Atrophic Scars

Atrophic scars often result from imbedded material or injuries that removed a significant amount of tissue. Acne scars are a very common type of atrophic scar. This type of scar can benefit from a number of noninvasive treatments. For acne scarring and other widespread scarring, lasers can be one of the best treatments available. Scars with uneven surfaces, such as bumps or ridges, can be smoothed using Microdermabrasion, Intracel or a laser. However, some scars require treatment by a combination of lasers, creams and other treatment options. A proper assessment should be made by your dermatologist and a consultation with your aesthetician.

Treating Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

Lasers, Intracel and Microdermabrasion can also be used to reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars.

While hypertrophic and keloid scars can be treated at any time, the best results occur when they are treated as early as possible. If a family history of hypertrophic or keloid scarring is evident, it is best to have preventative treatment to reduce the appearance of your scars.

If you have a scar or a propensity to scar about which you are concerned, a physician can prescribe the best possible treatment to diminish the scar’s appearance. Schedule a scar treatment consultation with your doctor and your medical spa aesthetician.

Scar Reduction And Removal