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Body Acne Treatment

Body Acne

Body acne can be as serious as facial acne when it comes to an individual’s self-image. It is very possible for someone without facial acne to have body acne, and it can lead to a reluctance to wear certain clothing, participate in activities like swimming or be available on the dating scene. Body acne can be found most anywhere on the body, but is most commonly found on the chest, back, shoulders, and buttocks. Most experts believe the condition is tied into genetics, and the thick skin on the body often has large pores, making outbreaks noticeable and severe. There are only two places invulnerable to body acne which are the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet due to the lack of sebaceous follicles.

Though genetics are likely involved, no one knows the exact cause for body acne. What experts do know is body acne is easily aggravated by contact with damp, sweaty clothing.

What are the best ways to minimize body acne?

There is no way to eliminate irritation along the body completely, but wearing cotton clothing, showering after workouts and being aware of potential irritants can help reduce flare-ups. Other ways to control body acne include:

  • Wearing clothing made from fibers that wick moisture away from the skin
  • Using non-comedogenic moisturizers or gentle ones designed for the face
  • Applying a benzoyl peroxide product (which flushes follicles) to affected areas after showering
  • Using an acne cleanser for skin on the entire body
  • Carrying a handbag instead of a purse if the rubbing action causes acne
  • Avoiding fabric softeners or any laundry additives which leave residue on clothes

Can body acne be cured?

Body acne can be treated with topical products. Because body acne is considered to be influenced by genetics, there may never be a way to be completely free from breakouts. That being said, there are ways to effectively treat body acne; some people do see almost complete resolution, though it can’t be called a cure.

Treating body acne is not like treating facial acne. Facial treatment steps are usually: clean, clear and then treat. For body acne, treating and then cleansing can sometimes make a huge difference.

  • Treat first: For body acne, the application of a clay-based mask will allow excess oil to be absorbed while opening pores.
  • Cleanse second: Once pores are open and the excess oil is removed, cleansers can more effectively penetrate the skin.


There are several treatments for body acne and some options may include:

Laser Treatment
New developments in laser skin treatments can be effective in healing body acne. Laser treatments work to kill acne-causing bacteria by targeting overactive sebaceous glands under the skin. Laser technologies are effective for treating both active body acne problems and residual scars.

Laser Skin Resurfacing
An intensive technique to permanently reduce the appearance of scars, laser skin resurfacing removes dead skin cells with deep, controlled penetration to allow for new skin development.

Micro Dermabrasion
An effective method of treating body acne scars, dermabrasion uses a high-speed brush to remove dead skin cells and allow new skin to grow.

Body Acne Treatment