NEW to Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa

Remove unsightly skin tags simply with NEW CryoProbe treatment

Quickly and safely remove warts, skin tags and other skin growths.

The CryoProbe is a brilliant device for removing skin lesions, such as warts, moles and skin tags, quickly, effectively and safely, with accuracy to the millimeter. Procedures typically last 5-25 seconds. So with no preparation necessary, patients can be in and out of the clinic in under 10 minutes.

How Does CryoProbe Work?

The CryoProbe mole removal device, emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which allows the clinician to work with millimeter precision. There is no damage to healthy tissue and no discomfort. CryoProbe’s incredible precision delicately treats even the smallest verrucae, hemangioma, pigmented spots, actinic & seborrheic keratoses, solar lentigo (and many more) in seconds, with no damage to healthy tissue.

Before & After Photos

Skin Tags

  • Before treatment
  • After treatment


Wart on Hand

  • Wart on Hand1. Untreated
  • remove wart from hand2. Result after
    5 days
  • remove wart from hand3. Result after
    9 days
  • remove wart from hand4. Total recovery
    after 4 weeks


Plantar Wart on Foot

  • 1. Untreated
  • 2. Result after
    5 days
  • 3. Result after
    9 days
  • 4. Total recovery
    after 4 weeks


Epidermal Growth

  • 1. Epidermal
  • 2. Immediately
    after treatment,
    6 seconds per spot
  • 3. Result after
    8 days
  • 4. Total recovery
    after 4 weeks
CryoProbe-skin tags,moles removal device